Nutrition Coaching Program for Diabetes

Diet Management for Diabetes 3-month Coaching Program ($995):

No matter what you do, you can’t seem to get your Diabetes under control.

If you’re like many of the people I work with, you struggle with your diabetes.  You ride the roller coaster of your blood sugars throughout the day, and you want off the ride and out of the amusement park! You try to follow the Diabetic diet guidelines but your blood sugars are still higher than you’d like.  And you worry about the progression of the disease and potential complications. 

Or maybe you’ve been told that you are pre-Diabetic.  Your doctor’s nurse gave you the news over the phone and that’s it.  No information on diet or lifestyle changes to actually prevent getting diabetes.  Just “You’re pre-Diabetic”, now carry on with life. This drives me absolutely crazy!  When someone is given the news they are pre-Diabetic, there is often no education and no suggestions for lifestyle changes.  If no changes are made when someone is diagnosed with pre-Diabetes, it’s almost guaranteed that they will eventually get Type 2 Diabetes.  

Like me, Diabetes might run in your family.  You’ve watched your family members suffer through the disease.  The finger pricks, constantly checking blood sugars, taking pills, injecting insulin, the pain of neuropathy, worsening eyesight… the list goes on. Getting the diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes scares you.  You don’t want to share a similar fate.

If any of the above situations sounds familiar, I can help you.  Research shows that following a low carbohydrate diet can improve control of your diabetes.  But eating a low carb diet does not mean you are depriving yourself of delicious foods.  In fact, for many people, following a whole food, low carb approach opens up a whole new world of food possibilities.  

I’d love to chat with you to see if my Diet Management for Diabetes Program is a good fit for you!  Schedule a free 15-minute discovery call today!

How the Program works:

I require a three month commitment for this program.  Change takes time and consistency.  One of the biggest components of the program is the accountability factor.   You and I work together to develop an individualized eating plan based on your specific goals.

The initial consult is a 90-minute appointment conducted over the phone or secure video conferencing.  During this appointment we will discuss:

  • Your Goals
  • Medical history
  • Struggles
  • Lifestyle
  • Food preferences/cooking ability/typical food intake
  • Where changes can be made to your eating habits and what to focus on first

After the initial appointment, you will have a clear starting path for your journey to improved diabetes control.  You will leave the appointment with a specific action plan that you can immediately start implementing.  

The follow-up appointments will be weekly or biweekly (30-60 minutes).  During these sessions we will review your progress, celebrate successes, troubleshoot your struggles, and develop an action plan for the next one to two weeks.

After each session, you will receive an email summary of what we talked about during the appointment and any additional resources you need to reach your goals.

Additionally, you will receive unlimited email and text support throughout the program.  

Are you ready to take your health back and get control of your diabetes?  Schedule a free 15-minute discovery call with me.  I’d love to chat to see if this program is the right fit for you!

Want more?  Do you need ongoing accountability (like I do)?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone!  It’s difficult to make long term diet and lifestyle changes.  And it’s easy to fall back into old habits. For many people, just knowing that you are going to be checking-in with someone on a regular basis helps keep you on track.  

After you have completed the 3-month Diet Management for Diabetes Program, you will have the option of enrolling in a monthly check-in program with me. Because you have already gone through one of my programs, these monthly appointments will be offered at a discounted hourly rate.

We’ll discuss your participation in the monthly check-in appointments as you near the end of your program or feel free to contact me for more information.