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Hello, I’m Emily. I’m a dietitian nutritionist, food sensitivity specialist, and food blogger. I help people with chronic inflammatory conditions improve their health and feel their best through food. I love traveling, eating, sunshine, my fur babies, dark chocolate, and wine.

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The doctors and specialists can’t seem to fix you

You frequently struggle with IBS and GI issues, such as GERD, bloating, or diarrhea. Or you have ongoing migraines, fibromyalgia, eczema, or ADD/ADHD. Testing for food sensitivities and following a custom elimination diet can drastically help improve your symptoms.

You’ve tried everything to lose weight

You’re frustrated with your weight. You want to be comfortable in your body. The eat less, exercise more model has not worked for you. The money spent on protein shakes, weight loss supplements, and gym memberships feels wasted. I want to help you reach your weight loss goal.

You have Type 2 Diabetesor Pre-Diabetes

You’re worried about the progression of diabetes and the long term complications. Or maybe you have a family history of diabetes and feel it’s inevitable. You might have found that the standard diabetic guidelines have not helped keep your diabetes under control. I can help you control, reverse, or even prevent diabetes.

If you’re suffering from chronic medical conditions and frustrated from spending countless hours in doctors’ offices without ever getting any answers, I want to help you. Many inflammatory health conditions, such as IBS, migraines, and fibromyalgia, are closely linked to diet. I can help you identify your body’s specific diet triggers with food sensitivity testing and a custom elimination diet to allow your body to heal so you feel your best.

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Change Starts NOW

If you’re like most people who struggle with their weight, you’ve tried every diet under the sun.  You’ve spent hours working out at the gym.  You’ve followed strict diets and deprived yourself of all your favorite foods.  You find yourself constantly thinking about your weight, and it prevents you from enjoying life.  Despite all the effort you’ve put into trying to lose weight, nothing has lead to lasting results.  I want to help you finally break free from the cycle and reach your weight goals.

If you want better control of your Type 2 Diabetes, or if you have Pre-Diabetes and hope to avoid actually getting diagnosed with diabetes, I can help you. Diabetes can be prevented,  controlled, and reversed with diet.

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